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Youtube Sponsor Button

Youtube sponsor button

March 20, 2019

Youtube Sponsor Button| The Complete Guide

Did you know that recently, YouTube gave creators the opportunity to become “sponsored?”

This new feature has multiple benefits that prove very useful for the YouTube creator. YouTube is giving creators this option to earn additional revenue and make the best out of their channels. This article will help you find out everything you need to know about the YouTube sponsorship button.

(What Is the YouTube Sponsor Button?)

The YouTube sponsorship button is only available to YouTube creators who meet the requirement. YouTube started out by testing this feature with gaming channels which seems to have been highly successful due to the fact that YouTube has also extended this feature to non-gaming channels as well. The sponsorship button allows fans of popular YouTube personalities to subscribe as channel members for a monthly fee of $5 giving them access to exclusive content put out by the creator they’re sponsoring. One of the perks for the YouTube sponsors they can purchase public badges and Emoji. As a sponsor, the iconic badge will separate you from the rest in the commenting section. Aside from access to perks like exclusive content put out by the creator if it is available, sponsors get discounted rates on tickets to paid events, free training and even meeting your favorite YouTube creator in person.


sponsor button infographic

If you are looking to attain sponsorship on YouTube, the safest way is to follow the YouTube guidelines.

This feature however has some minimum requirements before you can enable that sponsor button.

• Your channel must have at least 30,000 subscribers. Although some channels have less subscribers but have their sponsor button enabled. This is due to the fact that YouTube worked with them in their beta testing of this feature before introducing it to the mainstream.

• Your channel must be in the YouTube partner program.

• You must definitely be above 18 years old.

• You must receive more viewership on your channel by putting out consistent and valuable content on YouTube.

Those are the basics that you need to have but for more information, follow the link and click on channel eligibility.
If you find that you are in fact eligible, make sure you enable your sponsorship button and start enjoying the benefits


For starters, because it is a good investment. Once you enable your YouTube sponsorship button, it allows your followers to support your channel at a monthly fee of $5 which is a good source of passive income. So aside from the money you might be making running affiliate products or google ads, you will also set up another stream of income through this new feature which will also help you turn in profits. You will also gain the opportunity to create a community with your viewers. It will also give you an opportunity to connect deeper with your members through the perks and bonus material required of you to set up for your audience and as you interact with them on a deeper level, you will gain insight on what content is relevant to put on your channel which will also generate traffic to your channel.

Once the would-be members have followed these steps, they will be welcomed with an announcement of the completion of your transaction. And when they have become an active member, they will be charged
automatically at the start of the billing cycle and the money starts flowing to your account.


Once you have managed to get your channel sponsored how much you really stand to make is ultimately up to you and the content you put forth. What I can tell you however is how the numbers work. According to YouTube, creators get 70% royalty for receiving the sponsorship. Which means from every membership payment you get from a sponsor, you stand to make $3.5 dollars, which is $35 from 10 sponsors, $350 from 100 sponsors and $3500 from 1000 sponsors and so on and so forth. Not a bad flow of passive income at all.

1000 sponsors =$3500 🙂

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.


This new feature opens up a whole new brand of opportunities for both YouTube creators and YouTube viewers alike. If you’re a sponsor, you’ll get access to the perks and if you’re creator it opens up a channel for revenue and a platform to grow your online community

It is very important for you as a YouTube creator to be thinking money-wise and getting sponsorship on YouTube is a great opportunity for you to get started.

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