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YouTube Transcription-The Easy Way

YouTube is filled with all sorts of videos, from fun type ones to business and informative videos. Watching and listening to all these videos is fun and enjoyable. However, some prefer in-text captions for better understanding and comprehension. YouTube transcription offers these in-text captions for a wholesome watching experience.

Below are the different ways to do YouTube Transcription.

  • YouTube video transcript service.
  • YouTube video transcription services by third parties.
  • Do It Yourself(DIY).

1.YouTube Video In-built Transcript Service.

Avast majority of YouTube videos are automatically transcribed by the in-built YouTube transcription service. This automatic service uses Google Speech Recognition technology to transcribe YouTube videos. It is not perfect, and has a 95% chance correctness, but is quite reliable. In addition, YouTube video owners or the video posters at times attach a copy of the transcript of the video when posting and made it available for users access.

To access the already generated transcript, you will need to click on the closed caption ‘CC’ icon on the video and the transcript to the video will pop out. It is auto-synced to match the speaker’s and their words, offering a realtime transcript of the youtube video.

The disadvantage of this method of transcribing Youtube videos is the lack of accuracy and perfection of the auto-generated transcript. Unless you need a transcript of a Youtube video urgently, this is not the best method of transcribing a Youtube Video.

Another downside is the service is the lack of a text file version of the autogenerated transcript. For viewers who may want a text file of the video, this may not be a suitable way and they will be forced to seek alternative methods.

2.Youtube Video Transcription Service by Third parties.

This is the easiest and most common way to transcribe Youtube videos. It is most convenient for Youtube videos that are long and cover complex topics that require a deeper comprehension such as science, physics and other forms of documentary.

Third-party Youtube video transcription services can be offered by companies or freelancers. It involves paying the freelancer or company to transcribe the Youtube video for you. The company or freelancer then uses a transcription software such as or Temi to generate a transcript of the whole video. They thereafter proofread the entire transcript for editing and correct to ensure that the final copy is accurate and perfect.

Be sure to include instructions when contracting a company or a freelancer to work on your Youtube video. These instructions may include timestamps, transcription verbatim type, and tags attachment types and forms. These instructions guide the transceiver on the guidelines to follow when transcribing your transcript to ensure that your tastes are met. To submit work to the freelancer or company, share the URL of the Youtube video with the transcription service.

Some of the companies that offer these third-party youtube transcription services include, Go Transcript, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, TranscribeMe among others.

The advantage of this method of transcribing Youtube videos is the accuracy of the transcript generated by the third-party transcription services. Companies hire professionals to transcribe videos, and they do this for a living. They are experienced in what they do, and if they don’t meet your tastes, you reserve the right to reject the transcript or reorder revision.

Another advantage is the quick turnabout of these third party services. Being professionals and experienced in what they do, they work under deadlines and this ensures that the transcript is available in just a few hours.

One disadvantage is the cost. Some transcription services or freelancers will charge you a lot of money to transcribe the youtube video. This method may not be suitable for everyone especially those with money constraints

Cheap Video transcription services



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3.Do It Yourself (DIY)

how_to_transcribe_a_youtube_video info-graphic 

Free option #2 

Step 1 –Find the youtube video you want to transcribe 

Go to and select the video you want to transcribe and copy the URL. 

Step 2 – Upload video to Kapwing

In this step you will be using a free tool called Kapwing. With the URL that you copied go to Click on ” products” in the menu. Then look for the word “Subtitler” and click on that. Now all you have to do is paste the video and Kapwing will do the rest

Step 3 – Use automation to transcribe your video . 

The video is ready to be transcribed. Click auto generate and Kapwing will do the rest 

Another option is the DIY option. It is time-consuming and slow, yet it can be fun as it is all under your control. You are free to use any software or AI to help you do the transcript yourself. You can also choose to take as little or much time as possible. However, if you aim at sharing the transcript with other people, it is vital to customize it to fit the set standards for better understanding.

Next time you are stuck on how to transcript a Youtube video, you might want to use the above-discussed methods to generate a transcript for use.

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